Company Cast

Asa Shaeffer
Owner - Manager - Guide  707-477-3715 / 707-843-3348 email:

Asa has been involved with extreme for the past 4 years.  He is a certified personal trainer, licensed guide in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington.
Asa's biking specialties are Down Hill, Cross Country, Kite & Parachute as well as cliff climbing.

Cory Abstin
Camera Man - Guide 707-843-3348  email:

Cory has been a professional wild life photographer. He has traveled extensively throughout
South America and is a well trained survivalist.  Cory has a degree in wild life management. 
Cory is a stickler about "Always take out what you bring in!".

Christopher Peters
Equipment Coordinator 707-843-3348  email:

Christopher has extensive knowledge in all forms of equipment. Having grown up in
an auto mechanic shop there is little that he can't fix or tape up.  Chris also coordinates
and leases our large inventory of equipment.  At times you may also see him riding
along side. He is always a welcome site when you are need of a repair.

Ashley Barker
Tour Coordinator 707-843-3348  email:

Ashley makes sure all things are right with the world on your trip. She has a check
list for everything.  If you forgot something like your magna or camel pack she will
make sure there is one waiting for you when you arrive.